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General Description
Specs & Diagram
What is it?
AGIntera IVR is a software designed to be used as interactive voice response using telephone lines connected to an Asterisk PBX.
How does it work?
The user makes a phone call, the phone provider routes the call to the Asterisk PBX, the call is routed to the IVR AGIntera service, it receives the call and processing steps or actions previously configured, once the interaction, the user can hang up or be transferred to a call center agent.
The service can also be configured to generate phone calls to a group of phone numbers pre-loaded or obtained from a database in real time with general information or reminders for outstanding payments.
AGIntera IVR allows user interaction through spoken text, a technology that converts strings of words to a synthetic voice, which makes the results of the consultations are not tied to pre-recorded phrases, unless these are converted into the time and dynamically.
System Qualities
  • Centralized management and configuration IVR campaigns
  • Management of incoming calls through DNIS value
  • Unlimited IVR menus with actions such as collecting digits, decision trees, navigation between menus, among others.
  • Access to external data sources as Web services, stored procedures or custom development
  • Administration and configuration of outbound campaigns
  • Monitoring and alarm channels or telephone lines
What technology is used?

AGIntera IVR used .NET Framework 4.5 and its services can be installed on a Windows Server 2008 x86 or x64. It also uses a database SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

The phone call is received by an Asterisk PBX installed on a Linux server, this is the front to the telephony service provider and receive calls via analog links, digital or VoIP, the PBX sends the call to AGIntera IVR using a TCP connection.

AGIntera IVR Server
Windows service that contains the interface between the database and management tool for configuring the system in general.
AGIntera IVR Manager
Desktop application that connects to the previous service to perform administrative tasks and configuration
AGIntera IVR Watcher
Windows service that serves to monitor the status of the main service.
AGIntera Agent
Desktop application that will be used by call center agents and displaying user information previously collected by the IVR which serves as a reference and personalized to the customer, not to request the same information twice.