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General Description
eStream - Queue Management System
Tech Specs & Scheme
Kiosk (OPOS) & TV
What is it?
Integra Kiosk is software designed for use in NCR self-service kiosks. This software can be installed on one or more kiosks, allowing centralized administration.
How does it work?
Self-Service Consultations
An application is displayed in each kiosk, this application will display the screens and information that the user needs to perform operations such as consulting the account balance, the account movements, pay public services from debit accounts, consulting products and information in general. Where as a result of these transactions, the customer can get a ticket or voucher by the printer of the kiosk.
Besides Integra Kiosk allows you to manage one or more television signals for display advertising or information media type such as videos and images.
Queue Management System
As the above description, the application is deployed at each kiosk, but in this case the main purpose is to print a ticket for the public who wish to be attended at a particular site or section in the office. With this ticket the customers wait to be called by an attention position.
The client requests a ticket at the kiosk, selecting the procedure or section of the site requires attention, then sits down and waits to be called by a user. The TV will reflect the number of ticket and the position where the customer will be served. This will manage the queue of people in comfort while statistical information is generated from the activity of the office.

System Qualities
  • Centralized management and configuration applications.
  • Centralized management and configuration of terminals.
  • Geographic distribution of the terminals.
  • Monitoring terminals and remote actions.
  • Alarm devices, sent mail and text messages.
  • Administration and transfer audio files for use with sound.
  • Centralized management and control of local policies of the kiosk.
  • Security tool based on skill profiles and authentication against the network domain.
  • Projected advertising guidelines as videos through extended monitor
What technology is used?

Integra Kiosk uses Windows. Net Framework 4.5 and its services can be installed on a Windows Server 2008 x86 or x64. It also uses a database Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

The communication between the kiosk and the core process technology is achieved using NetRemoting, a Microsoft technology for distributed applications that guarantee performance, execution domain isolation and protection of information.

Integra Kiosk Configuration
Windows service that contains the interface between the database and management tool for configuring the system in general.
Integra Kiosk Manager
Desktop application that connects to the service described above to perform administrative tasks and configuration.
Integra Kiosk Process
Windows service that processes requests for the kiosks, tasks terminal internal validation and application delivery.
Integra Kiosk Watcher
Windows service used to monitor the status of the main services.
Integra Kiosk Thin Client
Thin client that is executed at the kiosk to process user requests.
eStream - Web Service
Web service that processes service requests for tickets and reporting
eStream - Web Attention
Web Site for Attention Tickets
eStream - Web Planning
Web Site for Planning and Reporting