SMS4 Integrator
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General Description
Specs & Diagram
What is it?
Application to send sms messages using com ports
How does it work?
By configuring the com ports the user is able to establish and associate the messages to be sent.
System Qualities
  • Centralized management and configuration of SMS campaigns.
  • Access to external data sources as Web services, stored procedures or custom development.
  • Campaign management and configuration of outgoing messages.
What technology is used?

SMS4 Integrator uses Windows. Net Framework 4.5 and its services can be installed on a Windows Server 2008 x86 or x64. It also uses a database SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

SMS4 Integrator Server
Windows service that contains the interface between the database and management tool for configuring the system in general.
SMS4 Integrator Manager
Desktop application that connects to the previous service to perform administrative tasks and configuration
SMS4 Integrator Watcher
Windows service that serves to monitor the status of the main service.

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